Sabarimala Abhishekam Poojas Online Booking Check Availability Prices

Sabarimala Abhishekam online booking starts now. Check Sabarimala Poojas Vazipadu list online registration and booking process.

Poojas and Prasadams in sabarimala are available to book online now. Due to recent heavy flooding many services are disrupted. But for devotees at present the kerala police strived to make the trip as far as possible. The website was retired and the online pooja booking, Vazipadu services etc are maintained by Travancore Devashom Board only.

Requirements for Sabarimala Abhishekam and Pooja Services Online Booking:

Of all the services to book online, one must possess below list.

Registered User in Online TBD website.

Debit card or Credit Card for Payment.

Email id and mobile number receipt delivery.

Proper Government Authorized Identity Proof.

List of Poojas Available in Sabarimala Temple:

sabarimala abhishekam poojas

Pooja Name Price
Usha Pooja 1000/-
Ucha Pooja 2500/-
Nithya Pooja 3000/-
Aravana 80/-
Appom 40/-
Ganapathihomam 300/-
Bhagavathiseva 2000/-
Pushpabhishekom 10000/-
Kalabhabhishekom 10000/-
Ashtabhishekom 5000/-
Laksharchana 10000/-
Sahasra Kalasam 50000/-
Padi Pooja 75000/-
Udayasthamana Pooja 40000/-
Ulsavabali 30000/-
Muzhukkappu 750/-
Sahasra Namarchana 50/-
Ashtothararchana 30/-
Thulabharam 500/-
Neyyabhishekom(single Mudra) 10/-
Vibhoothi Prasadam 25/-
Vella Nivedyam (200ml 20/-
Sarkkara Payasam (200 ml) 20/-
Panchamritham (100 ml) 100/-
Panchamritham (500ml) Abhishekom 100/-
Abhishekam Neyy 100/-
Swayamvararchana 50/-
Navagraha Pooja 250/-
Otta Graha Pooja 50/-
Valsan Nivedyam 50/-
Gold ornaments Pooja 100/-
Ayyappa Chakram 200/-
Mala/Vadi Pooja 20/-
Nelppara 200/-
Maljalppara 300/-
Navagraha Neyy Vilakku 100/-
Vidyarambham 101/-
Manjal Kumkum sale 40/-
Malar Nivedyam 20/-
Adima 250/-
Thanka Anki Charth 10000/-
Silver Anki Charth 5000/-
Choroonu 250/-
Namakaranam 100/-
Poojicha Mani (Big) 100/-
Poojicha Mani (Small) 50/-
Neeranjanam 100/-
Udayada Charth 25/-
Udayada Nadakku vayppu 25/-
Manjal Kumkumabhishekom 40/-
Nagar Pooja 50/-
Vara Nivedyam 20/-
Sathrupushpanjali 500/-
Hariharasookthaslokarchana 500/-
Sathrusookthanjali 500/-
Neyy vilakku 25/-
Pushapalamkaram 50000/-


All the above list of services are available to book online with one registration.

Steps to book Sabarimala Abhishekam Poojas and Vazhipadu services online:

Visit online tdb website and select sabarimala temple option in menu. Register an user login if you not have one. Now visit the profile page and choose vazhipadu or poojas option. Now you need to check whether the services are open for the current season or not.

If the dates are open to book now choose the service you require. For Sabarimala Neyyabhishekam all the people must carry their own ghee. Half of it was given back to the devotee after abhishekam.

Now finalize all the services and check the reporting time, cost and requirements to bring for the poojas.

Pay the pooja fees and wait for payment confirmation. Website allows devotees to use debit card, credit card or Internet banking options. You can also book sabarimala accommodation online with same login details.

Leave a comment below if needed any further assistance in Sabarimala Abhishekam booking.


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